Sergio Barrale has been featured in Hi-Fructose magazine vol. 41, Juxtapoz, SUPERSONIC, American Art Collector magazine, as well as been shown in Mesa Contemporary Museum of Art & Honolulu Museum of Art.  In WHITEHOT Magazine he has been compared by renowned art critic Donald Kuspit as being linked to Goya and Redon.



Maxwell Alexander Gallery • American Art Collector selects • Los Angeles, CA

Spoke Art •  Moleskin Exhibition • New York City, NY

Hive Gallery • Visionaries • Los Angeles, CA

Booth Gallery • Nocturnes • New York City, NY

Spoke Art • Delancy & Essex • New York City, NY 

Nucleus Gallery • Guillermo Del Toro Tribute Exhibition • Los Angeles, CA

Gallery 1988 • Fake Theme Parks  • Los Angeles, CA 


AFA Gallery • Small Works exhibition • New York City, NY

WOW x WOW • Room of a Thousand Doors • United Kingdom

Sally Centigrade Gallery • Small works • Denver, CO 

Copro Gallery • Heavy Metal Magazine's 40th Anniversary exhibition • Los Angeles, CA 

Inner State Gallery • LAX /DTW Curated by Thinkspace • Detroit, MI

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum • "Flourish" Curated by Thinkspace • Mesa, AZ

Last Rites Gallery • Solo Exhibition : "Our Private • New York City, NY

Booth Gallery • Psychological Realism • New York City, NY 

Thinkspace & Honolulu Museum of Art • Honolulu, HI


Copro Gallery - Best Friends group show • Los Angeles, CA 

Huntington Beach Art Center • Momento Mori : Skulls & Bones • CA

Lodge Gallery - Kids For Tomorrow Fundraiser • New York, NY


Stephen Romano Gallery • Magica Sexualis • New York, NY

One Gallery • Curated by Mighty Tanaka • New York, NY 

2010 - 2014

Artists Alliance • Cuchifritos Gallery • New York, NY

Printed Matter • Book of Love (On Tape) • New York, NY

RH Gallery • Metrocard Show • New York, NY

Littlefield • Boris Gallery Group Exhibition • Brooklyn, NY

Littlefield • 100 Dollar Show  • Brooklyn, NY

Sloan Gallery • Metrocard Show • New York, NY

Littlefield • Solo Exhibit • Brooklyn, NY

Littlefield • Absolutely Salacious • Curator Organizer • Brooklyn, NY

Oakland University Art Gallery • Book of Love (On Tape) • Rochester, MI

2009 - 2004

Littlefield Solo Exhibit • Brooklyn, NY • 09'

Newark Arts Space Association Space Camp • Newark, NJ • 09'

Seed Gallery • Newark, NJ. • 08'

School 33 Art Center • Juried Exhibition • Baltimore, MD • 07'

Tribes Gallery • Judgement Series • New York, N Y • 06'

Artscape • Baltimore, MD • 05'

Pinkard Gallery • Art walk • Baltimore, MD • 05'

London Biennial, Gallery 32 • Draw_ Drawing • London, UK • 04'

Myerhoff Gallery • Odd Nerdrum Presents • Baltimore, MD • 04'



“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the Other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.” -Terence McKenna

To journey, lift the veil and see the Other side, is a safe way of dying and coming back. I know how to do it. I Am Old. I'll keep going, to bring you it's message, as Hermes Trismegistus taught me. As Wim Hof taught me to breathe. As Alan Watts taught me to get to the moment. I know how to slow down time and move the body fantastic, it's an old technique.  Old cave painter vision. Yes I'm making that parallel, artist & cave painter the same. It's in my genes, my heritage. Those that remember have the same task, show the Way.  I do the work and go into the Other, so you don't have to.  It's my purpose.